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How to Check your NYSC Matriculation List | Mobilization Status - 2020

Do you know you can now check your NYSC Mobilization Status Online? This is to enable students that are in various higher institutions check if they are actually going to serve there father land when they graduate from school. Meanwhile, NYSC Matriculation List is opened to every one who is currently a student and who have the reg number from the institution. be it from 2014 and above.

 However, age usually limits some persons from going for NYSC why some candidate is as a result of little errors or mistake that had being undergone. Moreover, you can check out if your NYSC Mobilization is sure upon graduation. Let us now see if you are going to be Mobilize for NYSC through the steps below.

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How to Check your NYSC Mobilization Status 2020

Matriculation List

Note that you can only be a candidate only if your name is found on the NYSC Mobilization Status as well as the NYSC Matriculation List. You can do well to check the Matriculation List using the right steps.

How can I check My NYSC Mobilization List and Matriculation List?

The procedures to check the online NYSC Mobilization Status are all listed below;

1.  The first thing is to go visit the official Website checker

2. Afterward,  go ahead to select the year your gained admission  (for example 2017 )

3. Then go ahead to enter your reg no.(for example 65842024IB)

4.  Lastly, you can now take your cursor and click "Fetch my Details" ( Your name, reg number, department and faculty will be shown which will tell you that you are now on the matriculation List|)

Note: Other persons reg no can also be checked. Also, Per adventure your name is not on the NYSC Mobilization List, your application to NYSC Scheme for the one year National Service shall be declined.

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How to Qualify to be on NYSC Matriculation List and Mobilisation Status

 How Can I Qualify foe NYSC Mobilization Status?

Below are the right and necessary eligibility and qualifications for NYSC Mobilization List

If you are currently a student of any higher institution and awaiting NYSC soonest the following  the things that must be done to ensure you go for NYSC as at when done;

1. Print your Admission letter online from the JAMB e Facility platform

2. Secondly, print your Result Slip Online from the  e Facility platform

3. Finally, verify the two documents with the Admission Officer in your institution

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NYSC Mobilization Status and Matriculation List.
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